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 The Championships are to be held at Wide Bay Archers Inc.Queensland during the period 8 April to 18 April 2022.

 Listed below is various information that should assist in you having a great time whilst at the competition.


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 Timetable of Events

Muster each day at 8.00am for an 8.30am start

IFAA National Championships
 Friday 8 April 2022 Registration and Bow checks from 2pm
 Saturday 9 April 2022 28 Targets Field/Hunter
 Sunday 10 April 2022 28 Targets Field/Hunter (afternoon Bow checks)
 Monday 11 April 2022 28 Targets Hunter/Field 
 Tuesday 12 April 2022 28 Targets Field/Hunter
 Wednesday 13 April 2022 28 Targets Animal followed by presentation
Thursday 14 April 2022 - Lay Day - Registration and Bow checks for ABA/3D from 2pm
ABA National Championships
Friday 15 April 2022 3 arrow and 1arrow round
Saturday 16 April 2022 3 arrow and 1arrow round with presentations Saturday Afternoon
3D National Championships
Sunday 17 April 2022 3 arrow & 1 arrow rounds
Monday 18 April 2022 2 arrow round with Presentations Monday Afternoon

Competitors have the choice to shoot either 5 or 3 days of IFAA with the best of three scores submitted but must include 1 animal, 1 Field and 1 Hunter round, which means some competitors may not wish to arrive until the Sunday afternoon.


 Event Information





 IFAA - 3 Days

 IFAA - 5 Days
















If you are going to select the Professional Division to compete, there will be an additional $100.00 entry fee for the profesional purse.

You will need to register for each event separately that you wish to shoot.

 Nominations closing date is 1st April 2022

All nominations must be completed online at and paid for at the time of registration. No late nominations will be accepted.

Last day for grading is 1st April 2022

All archers under the Archery Alliance of Australia are invited to attend.


 Competitor Lists


Competitor lists for the Championships will be available when we get closer to the event. It is anticipated that the first list will be placed here around Mid to late February and each week after that until the nominations are closed on Monday 1st April 2020

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