SA Bowhunting Ban

Dear ABA members and others,

We need everyone to get on board and lobby the South Australian Government to pre-empt them as to our disgust if a Bowhunting ban is introduced.

The process is very easy through the CHASA web site.

At this stage, the main thing that can be done to help, is to get all ABA members that have any interest in any form of hunting and Target Archers, to reach out to the South Australian Premer and Deputy Premier- MP’s.

If you reside in South Australia just type in your postcode into the CHASA -Mail my MP link.

If you are in another State, please type in the S.A. Premiers name and or Deputy Premiers name then follow the below process.

The easiest option for anyone to do this is through the CHASA website at

Step 1: Go to the "mail my MP link, insert your postcode (that will bring up your local MP) Or type in the Premiers name Peter Malinauskas And or the Deputy Premiers name Susan Close -who has started this item it is believed.

Step 2: add your name and address (without this an MP won't respond)

Step 3 click on option 3: use template 3; support bowhunting,

Step 4 modify the existing text to reflect why you oppose the ban if needed.

Step 5 - click send. The email will go the relevant MP and all members of the upper house excluding the greens.

It takes about 2 minutes to use this approach.


Allan Driver

Bowhunting Director