Trophy Bowhunters Club of Australia
History Of The Trophy Bowhunters of Australia
ishilook ishi1
Ishi. Photo C1911 Ishi, the last Yahi of the Yana Tribe,
shooting a self built bow. Photo C1911

The Trophy Bowhunters of Australia (TBA) was originally the sole authority for the measuring and recording of bowshot game within Australia. The Organisation was a non-profit, non-government recognised organisation, established to provide recognition of bowshot trophy game taken within Australia according to its Rules of Fair Chase. In recognition of the growing need for an organisation which had access to funds and which could approach the governments for the protection and development of the sport of Bowhunting and Field Archery, the Australian Bowhunters Association Inc. was created from this parent organisation of TBA. Persuant to these ends TBA and ABA Inc amalgamated. The new Association of ABA Inc. developed a Bowhunting Division to take over the hunting responsibilities of TBA. The TBA was incorporated into the ABA Inc. as a Club of experienced hunters that have proven their skills in the taking of bowshot game to a minimum standard required by the membership of the club. The TBA, through the Bowhunting Division of ABA Inc. also acts as an advisor on bowhunting matters of the Association.The aims of the Club are:

  • The promotion of Trophy Bowhunting in Australia and the promotion of Bowhunting Ethics of the highest possible standard.
  • To represent the views of the Club, and its members, in the decision making process of ABA Inc. through representation on the National Managment Committee of ABA Inc.
  • To provide advice and to recommend policy, on funding related issues.
  • To provide a means of contact between club members throughout Australia, and social and other activities for members.
  • To organise an annual activity for members at the ABA Inc. National Safari.

How Do I Become a TBA Member


Membership of the TBA is granted by the VP Bowhunting, after taking and claiming your first Trophy Class animal. This animal must have been measured by an approved measurer and claimed through the correct channels via your Club Field Rep. VP Bowhunting will then issue you with your letter of recognition to purchase your TBA Ishi patch , shown to the right.