Bowhunting in Australia

Aims and Objectives


To promote the status of bowhunting to a high level of acceptance and recognition in Australia and around the world.

To educate members to attain and uphold the highest standard of hunter ethics and published rules of fair chase.

To promote Bowhunter Education and responsible hunting ethics at all times. To participate in and promote the activities of the International bodies.

Bowhunting is a division of the National organisation (Australian Bowhunters Association Inc.). Incorporating the Trophy Bowhunters of Australia (TBA).

The A.B.A. Inc. is recognised as the controlling body for the development of bowhunting in Australia and as such offers a wide range of benefits to members wanting to bowhunt.

Who Can Bowhunt ?

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All members of A.B.A. Inc. can bowhunt. However it is a matter of Association Policy that all members attain their Bowhunter Proficiency Certificate (BPC) prior to hunting. This certficate represents a self-regulatory accreditation system based on education of bowhunters which can be obtained at the club level.

The B.P.C. requires members to pass a practical (bow accuracy) and written test based on material provided within the Bowhunter Education Manual.

Self-regulation of our sport has proved to be acceptable to members and government alike and has provided a firm basis for the continuance of our sport.


The Australian Bowhunting Championships are held on an annual basis at which time National Awards for bowhunting achievements and excellence are presented. Additionally all States and Clubs within those States offer similar Activities.

As well as the Field Archery activities with the Coloured Paper Animal rounds provided by the A.B.A. Inc., members have further opportunities to supplement their bowhunting practice through three dimensional (3D) and sneaker courses offered on a regular basis at Clubs throughout Australia.

Through joining a Club, members will also have the opportunity to participate in organised Club Hunts as well as partake in the formally organised bowhunting awareness seminars. Additionally Clubs provide the framework for socialising for all the family and a good time to swap yarns and gain from the experience of long-term members.

Bowhunting is a family sport which has something to offer to each member of the family, whether it be photography or just a simple enjoyment of the bush and what it has to offer. You will never know unless you have a go!

Overseas Bowhunters Contact for
Bowhunting Opportunities in Australia


Overseas bowhunters seeking information on bowhunting opportunities in Australia should contact the Association's VP Hunting at email address, as listed on the National Contacts page of this site. Where possible he will do his best to accomoadte your hunting requirements whilst in Australia. As part of our "buddy system", accredited overseas bowhunters can enjoy honorary membership and access to the Australian Game Recording System while in Australia.


When you need the right information, be put in touch with the people that know, the Association and, through the Association, our local bowhunters.